Frederik Brückner was born in Aachen, Germany.

After finishing his university-entrance diploma at Helmholtz academic high school in Bonn, he served eleven months of civilian national service at Medinghoven ‚Kindergarten for children with emotional and behavioural disorders‘.

Then he finished an apprenticeship as metal worker at ‚Metallbau Moll, Bonn‘ with the additional qualification ‚business assistant‘. During his apprenticeship he took extra class in forging, as well as surface,- and heat treatment of metals.

After two semesters at TU Hamburg-Harburg (naval architecture), he went back to Aachen. In 2009 he passed the examination for the master craftsman’s diploma and international welding specialist diploma (IIW).

From 2011 to 02/2015 he studied product design at FH Aachen – university of applied sciences, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Currently he proceeds with his consecutive master studies at FH Aachen – university of applied sciences in Communications,- and Productdesign.

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